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The Corto Maltes Amazonia have since our arrival in the jungle a strong commitment to traditional medicine Amazon, with shamans and healers who have saved for centuries ethnobotanical knowledge of their ancestors. Among the many natural medicines of the jungle, Ayahuasca attracting a growing interest among both scientists and, above all, by numerous people from all backgrounds who travel into the jungle to experience a ceremony Ayahuasca. We can say that we were the pioneers in the Madre de Dios region in providing facilities designed exclusively for those who wish to participate in this experience. From the beginning we built under the supervision of native shaman Felipe Collantes, a beautiful Maloka through the forest for the sole purpose of hosting ceremonies Ayahuasca. Almost ten years later, hundreds of people have gone through our facilities of the hands of different shamans and therapists to change their lives and improve their overall health thanks to Mother Ayahuasca.

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The Corto Maltes Amazonia there is always a professional dedicated to research and use of this sacred medicine, and regularly attend other researchers and healers to share their knowledge with those interested. Not only in occasional ceremonies, but in Retreats and Teacher Plants Diets of one week duration.

Due to the effects so intense that this brew produces, we need a suitable environment for its practice: The Maloka in the forest; accommodation space with adequate privacy; eating carefully chosen after years of learning various native shamans, and a qualified staff that always respects and knows the process by which people who take Ayahuasca are happening.

What is the Ayahuasca?

The Ayahuasca is a brew that is obtained from the prolonged cooking of two plants: one vine, ayahuasca (Banisteripsis caapi) and leaves of a bush, chacruna (Psychotria viridis).

Vine Ayahuasca.

Chacruna leaves

Thousands of years ago that is used throughout the Amazon region by native tribes. Get different names: yagé in Colombia, Daime in Brazil, Nixi Pae language Cashinahua. Ayahuasca is the name in quechua and means “vine of the spirits,” because traditionally allows connect with the invisible world.

The Ayahuasca have laxative effects and visionaries. The contents of the visions is related to aspects of our life and the conscious or subconscious state of mind with which we took. Returns balance emotional and physical health through the process of purging, allowing healing traumas, fears and psychosomatic illnesses deeply understand those parts of ourselves that we do not know or neglected. The purging or vomiting is a way to expel those things we carry with us and we no longer need or are doing harm.

It has no side effects if you follow the prescribed diet, lack of toxicity to the body and helps healing in the treatment of addictions.

The healer invites us your ayahuasca at dusk, sitting in the dark Maloka. Then begins their songs (icaros) to guide and accompany the whole ceremony. Depending on how the night passes and needs of each, will serve as shaman, therapist, healer …

Take ayahuasca cure diseases. It is difficult to predict whether a person can be cured or not, this depends on your will and the relationship of trust with the healer and the healing process, among other factors, but besides Ayahuasca there are other medicinal plants and teachers who can help to heal and improve the health status of those wishing to approach them.

In our facilities place their trust projects recognized work at the international level as Nixi Pae and Ayahuasca-Wasi. Teachers, healers and shamans from Mexico, U.S.A , and Europe come every year to work at the Lodge Corto Maltes Amazon.